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Conceptualized 1989
Established March 1990
Online Since October 1993


The Engine:

X DOT 25 Music is distributed Worldwide by The Orchard Enterprises - Wholly Owned by Sony Entertainment (Press here for a list of The Orchard offices around the world). Our music is available (physical CDs) in all Best Buys, Targets, Walmarts and several outlets around the world. All of X DOT 25 Music are also available online at over 100 large outlets including but not limited to Amazon, All Music, CD Universe (For a full list press here). Digitally distributed by The Orchard in Amazon Digital Services, Google Music, Shazam, Xbox Music, Yonder, YouTube, YouTube Art Tracks, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora Deezer, eMusic and thousands of online retailers. (For a full list Press Here). Our artists' rights are managed across the world by multiple Performing Rights Organizations (For a full list press here). Press here for a list of the distribution for our latest release Exotic Wizard by Yussi.


The Music:

Established in 1989, for over 28 years X DOT 25 Music has been devoted to bringing a diverse collection of music from all over the world to people from all walks of life. X DOT 25 Music has produced and distributed over 50 albums during this time span, and is distributed worldwide. X DOT 25 Music is dedicated to supporting exceptional musical talents. Pioneers of World Trance/Fusion/Rock,  created an amazing array of music melting World, Trance, Down-tempo, Classical, Electronic, Rock, Jazz Flamenco and Traditional elements into a fine line of music that pushes envelopes in uncharted territories, presenting music from master musicians to powerful, up and coming, experimental instrumentalists.


The Legacy:

Many artists who were developed, produced, supported and presented by X DOT 25 Music have gone to become stars in their own genre. The legacy of X DOT 25 Music lives with them, and all who are influenced by them, for years to come. We set the trend and disrupted the ordinary. Our brand!

We are proud to have paved the way for successful bands, such as Yussi, Ashavahishta,  Mythos (Universal/EMI), Axiom of Choice (Narada/Virgin Records), Claudia Villela, Hafez Modirzadeh to major label opportunities. Some of X DOT 25 Music projects have won prominent awards and many are now airing through commercial and public radio stations around the World. Our music have been used in Motion Pictures. Listen in and be enchanted!.

We are proud of producing high quality world fusion concerts, at world known concert venues. Bringing bands and artists like Ashavahishta, Yussi, Haunted by Waters, VAS, Axiom of Choice, Aldoush, Ustad Habib Khan, Alan Kushan, Parinaz, Parisa Vaaleh, Paiman Abdali and numerous others to Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, in our World Music Concert Series. These concerts brought the opportunity for artists and music lovers to meet at such great concert halls.

Ashavahishta's CD Release Party and Concert January 18, 2014
8:00 PM - ? @ ClouD 9 1320  9th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

the Venue:

the music and dance:

The party:

Videos of the concert:

Here is a list of  X DOT 25 Past Large Scale World Music Festivals & Concerts

Axiom of Choice in Concert

Mystery of Sama Concert

January 22, 2000

"Mystery of Sema 1" Concert #I

"Mystery of Sema 2" Concert #II

World Music Concert #III

VAS in Concert #IV

World Music Concert Series #V

We are also proud of the technical quality of our music CD productions. The most advanced technology has been used to engineer a blend of warm sound and sophisticated, clear digital formats yet preserve organic textures! The music of X DOT 25 is a must for multiculturalists and world/ambient music enthusiasts alike. We invite you to listen and be enchanted by this music- it is the sound of creativity andinnovation.

Vas in X DOT 25 Concert

Vas in X DOT 25 Concert

Mamak Khadem / Axiom of Choice

X DOT 25 Music, with offices located in the city of Emeryville in San Francisco Bay Area in California, is now distributing music through major record chains in the U.S. and around the world in; England, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, Singapore and Taiwan. We are also distributed through many independent retail stores and the numerous Internet outlets. We are also distributed digitally to major internet digital download stores through The Orchard. In 1995 X DOT 25 Music signed distribution contracts with many large independent distributors in the US and Europe.

Vas in Concert

X DOT 25 Concert April 16, 1999

Palace of Fine Arts

Once again the record label who brought you MythosHaunted by Waters - Samsara's EdgeHafez ModirzadehAlan KushanClaudia VillelaAxiom of ChoiceYussiAldoush and Ustad Habib Khan along many other distinguished artists, pushes the envelope that it created many years ago - further and brings you an amazing sound imaginary that is second to none! Ashavahishta!

Enjoy our Music. Tell a Friend about us. We appreciate your continued support!

X DOT 25 Music

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