X DOT 25 Proudly Presents:

X DOT 25 World Music Concert Series # III

World Music Concert

Classical Fusion of the Far East
Contemporary Folk and Classical Music from India & Persia


Aldoush & The Human Exchange in Concert

New interpretation of Persian Folk and Classical Music

Aldoush - Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Nazanin, Setar
Ian Dogole: Udo, Dumbak, Global Drum Set
Scott Hill: Alto & Soprano Sax, Clarinet

David McQueen: Tomback (Zarb) & Daff
Jeff Obee: Bass

Persian Dance by
Shahrzad and Ahdi

With Special Guests:

Ustad Habib Khan - Sitar
Alan Kushan - Santur

Stephen Kent - Digeridoo
Hans Christian - Cello
Sultan Pakhawaj - Tabla
Ben Mawhorter - Tabla
 , Dumback

1. Indian Fusion
2. Persian Fusion
New interpretation of Persian Folk and Classical Music
4. Jam Session

$18 advance - $20 at the door for more information call (510) 601 8600

Saturday, October 2, 1998 - 8:30 PM
Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco - California 

Faz Restaurants
Haight Ashbury Music Center