Trailblazing company with a 28 year footprint in the San Francisco bay area, X DOT 25 Productions has been showcasing a vast variety of music from the most remote corners of the world for people from all walks of life. X DOT 25 Productions has produced and distributed over 50 albums during its 3 decades of operation, and is distributed worldwide. X DOT 25 Productions hand picks its musical talents meticulously. Pioneers of World Trance/Fusion/Rock, they have fused World, Trance, Down-tempo, Classical, Electronic, Rock, Jazz Flamenco and Traditional elements into a fine line of music that pushes envelopes in uncharted territories, presenting music from master musicians to powerful, up and coming, experimental instrumentalists.

Many artists who were developed, produced, supported and presented by X DOT 25 Music have gone to become stars in their own genre. The legacy of X DOT 25 Music lives with them, and all who are influenced by them, for years to come. We set the trend with thought provoking material.

Our digital music, videos and films are distributed worldwide through The Orchard  (wholly owned by Sony Music Entertainment). We are planning on signing in many new artists, videographers, and film makers, increasing our content base exponentially in the next few years. So please visit "Your Music, Video & Film!" section below and join our Brand. 

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We are proud to have paved the way for successful bands, such as Yussi, Ashavahishta, Mythos (Universal/EMI), Axiom of Choice (Narada/Virgin Records), Claudia Villela, Hafez Modirzadeh,  and many other artists to major label opportunities. Some of X DOT 25 Music projects have won prominent awards and many are now airing through commercial and public radio stations around the World. Our music have been used in Motion Pictures. Listen in and be enchanted!

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X DOT 25 Music History! 

If you are curious as to the history of X DOT 25 Music, you can visit our History Page to read about how X DOT 25 Music was conceived, the philosophies behind the record label, the influences of the music produced at X DOT 25. Lots of information on the history of projects, artists, historical pictures and people of X DOT 25 Music.

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X DOT 25 Music has always supported the up and coming musical talents. If you are a musician or a group, video producer or film maker we like to hear from you. Please visit our Contact Page and send us a message. You can also mail us a copy or samples of your work to be reviewed. We listen to and view everything that comes our way.


Melancholy Man - Performed by Aldoush - Written by Mike Pinder of The Moody Blues

Melancholy Man is a song from "Rain and Dust" album by Aldoush and is full of melodic songs performed by Aldoush. Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and some computer sequencing has created the lush background for Aldoush's powerful and heart touching vocals. He has integrated acoustic guitar, percussion, bass and drums with his own tasty electric guitar work.

Aldoush always loved the music of Moody Blues and had performed their songs fo many years for friends in gatherings. Max Ahmadi, Founder and Executive Producer of X DOT 25 is an avid fan of the Moody Blues for many years also and their philosophy of life has been a way of life for him. This song connects to both so they decided to reproduce it. They also reproduced the song Nights in White Satin by Moody Blues on Aldoush "This Life" Album.

New Releases


Exotic Wizard, the new full length album of originals by Yussi is an acoustic explosion of exotic wizardry; delivered passionately on an adventurous array of instruments. This progressive jazz-tinged portrait valiantly juggles European, south American, middle-eastern and Americana nuances to make for a fresh and exciting world music experience.

Exotic Wizard
X DOT 25
Awakening - Ashavahishta

the album Awakening By Ashavahishta

The World Trance Group Ashavahishta's album Awakening was released with 12 songs covering words and wisdom of Rumi in a trance-ambient environment. This work includes soaring and sonorous vocals (two females and two males) and master musicianship, mesmerizing, lush, dense, textural, dark, mysterious soundscapes with global rhythms, contemporary sounds, that constitutes a groundbreaker compelling new release, combined with innovation and genre creation (X DOT 25 Music's signature). Once again the record label who brought you Mythos, Haunted by Waters - Samsara's EdgeAxiom of Choice, Yussi and Aldoush along many other distinguished artists, pushes the envelope that it created many years ago - further and brings you an amazing sound imaginary that is second to none. Listen and be enchanted!  You can listen to the full songs at YouTube Art Tracks here

Get your copy at Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

By Ashavahishta
Awakening - Ashavahishta

X DOT 25 Music RELEASES the long awaited album atomik inferno by yussi

Atomik Inferno
X DOT 25
Atomik Inferno - Yussi

Yussi's album Atomik Inferno is released on 10/31/2015 . This is an amazing turn for a master guitarist.  The music on this project fits in the Sub-Pop/Electric/Instrumental Rock/Dance Electronica genre.

Enter the Atomik Race on the digital Speedway of Infernal Guitars, Galactic Synthesizers and Nuclear Beats - where Elektro Pop meets energetic Techno Rock.

Ghost XX - Yussi

Yussi's single Ghost XX (an Atomik Inferno Medley) released on February 1, 2016. You can also visit Google Play to sample and download.

In The News:

X DOT 25 Music team is making videos of all the songs that X DOT 25 Music has in distribution. Please visit our YouTube Video Channel and Subscribe to get the latest on our music and new music videos.

The new video from the song "Lonely Voyager" from the album "The Age of Indifference" by Sky Cafe just released. Look for it on X DOT 25 Music YouTube channel.

The new video from the song "Butterfly" from the album "Longing" by Ustad Habib Khan just released. Look for it on X DOT 25 Music YouTube channel.

Finally the video "Sweet Agony, Pt. I" by Ashavahishta is released. This video has been in production for over 2 years. Enjoy watching it and please share with your firends. Thanks.

The new video by Yussi: "Blood & Wine" from the album "Exotic Wizard" is also released. Please watch and share with your friends.

"Exotic Wizard" the new album by Yussi (his 5th full album) is released. Look for it on Amazon,  iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, YouTube Art Tracks and over 100 on line mega stores.

Blood & Wine by Yussi video caption.

Blood & Wine by Yussi video caption.

X DOT 25 Music releases Darvish by Ashavahishta. This video was shot at Ashavahishta's CD Release Concert that took place at the Legendary "Cloud 9" in Berkeley on January 18, 2014. Farima Berenji performed her signature "Sacred Dance" on 3 songs from the album "Awakening" by Ashavahishta - Darvish being one of them - now available on X DOT 25 Music's YouTube official Channel.

X DOT 25 Music releases the single "Besjana Lounge" by Yussi on March 10, 2017. This is a single preview release of the song "Besjana" from the full album "Exotic Wizard" by Yussi.

Ashavahishta's 2nd full album release is at the last stages of production. No name for the album is yet considered. This album promises to continue the rich sound of the first album Awakening. Stay tuned for more information.

Alan Kushan is continually working on his Symphony Number 7 soon to be completed. Visit Alan's page on Soundcloud under Aztar. Here is also a great peice by Alan: Raga Shaab

Alan Kushan