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In 2014, X DOT 25 Music Celebrates 25th Year Anniversary!

In 2014 X DOT 25 Music (the boutique/avant-garde record label) celebrates 25 Years of  World Trance/Fusion music. This video is a visual and audio journey through the past two and a half decades of X DOT 25 Music!

Established in 1989, for 25 years X DOT 25 Music has been devoted to bringing a diverse collection of music from all over the world to people from all walks of life. X DOT 25 Music has distributed over 50 albums during this time span, and is distributed worldwide. X DOT 25 Music is dedicated to supporting exceptional musical talents. Pioneers of World Trance and Fusion, created an amazing array of music melting World, Trance, Down-tempo, Classical, Electronic, Rock, Jazz and Traditional,  elements into a line of music that pushes envelopes in uncharted territories, presenting music from master musicians to powerful, up and coming, experimental instrumentalists.

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We are proud to have paved the way for successful bands, such as Mythos (Higher Octave/Virgin Records/EMI), Axiom of Choice (Narada/Virgin Records), to major label opportunities. Some of X DOT 25 Music projects have won prominent awards and many are now airing through commercial and public radio stations around the World. Our music have been used in Motion Pictures. Listen in and be enchanted!

New Releases


By: Ashavahishta

By Ashavahishta

The World Trance Group Ashavahishta's new album Awakening  was released on January 21, 2014. with 12 songs covering words and wisdom of Rumi in a trance-ambient environment. This work includes soaring and sonorous vocals (two females and two males) and master musicianship, mesmerizing, lush, dense, textural, dark, mysterious soundscapes with global rhythms, contemporary sounds, that constitutes a groundbreaker compelling new release, combined with innovation and genre creation (X DOT 25 Music's signature). Once again the record label who brought you Mythos, Haunted by Waters - Samsara's Edge, and Axiom of Choice along many other distinguished artists, pushes the envelope that it created many years ago - further and brings you an amazing sound imaginary that is second to none. Listen and be enchanted!

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Awakening - Ashavahishta

Baku Nights (Instrumental)

By: Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra

Baku Nights
X DOT 25

An instrumental version of Arezoo, this is a symphonic recording of some of the most romantic and moving Azarbaizan's classical pieces by composers such as Niazi, Haji Bakeov, Fikrat Amirov and others. Performed by the 120 piece Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra, this recording features over one hour of a dramatic combination of western classical instrumentation with some of the most beautiful melodies of central Asia. The melodies on this album were played by indigenous instruments of Azarbaijan. Instruments like; Tar, Duduk, Kamancheh, etc. A true masterpiece.

Baku Nights - Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra

Greene Sleeves

By: Yussi

Greene Sleeves
X DOT 25

Single Lounge Version

This is a lounge remix of the song Greene Sleeves by Yussi. Original version is on the full album release Velvet Rebel.

"Greensleeves" is a traditional English folk song and tune. There is a persistent belief that Greensleeves was composed by Henry VIII for his lover and future queen consort Anne Boleyn. Boleyn allegedly rejected King Henry's attempts to seduce her. However the piece is based on an Italian style of composition that did not reach England until after Henry's death, making it more likely to be Elizabethan. One possible interpretation is that Lady Green Sleeves was a promiscuous young woman.

You can listen to the sample of this song and purchase it on Amazon MP3's or on iTunes:

Greene Sleeves Lounge Remix - Yussi

Nowruz Resideh

By: Mahasti, Gloria Rohani, Shahla Sarshar, Shayesteh Zelli

Nowruz Resideh - Single
X DOT 25

Nowruz Resideh This epic song was written and produced by Kamel Alipour with the vocals of several prominent Persian Artists and well known Persian Vocalists: Mahasti, Gloria Rohani, Shahla Sarshar, Shayesteh Zelli. The lyrics, written by Homa Mirafshar, are about the tradition of the Persian New Year Ritual (Nowruz) with Spring inspirations. Persian New Year, which celebrated all over the world happens on March 21 (first day of Spring).

Style/Genre: World Contemporary
Instrumentation: Vocals, Tar, Persian Setar, Kamuncheh, Daf, Tombak, Percussion.

 (9:55 Minutes)

Ahmadreza Nabizadeh Live in Concert - April 12 - Los Angeles

In The News:

Javanan Magazine has done an intensive interview with Max (our Executive Producer) about X DOT 25 Music in the past, today and our plans for tomorrow. Look for their latest copy of the magazine for this interview. It includes some news about X DOT 25 Music ongoing projects, artists, and also The Super Group Ashavahishta. At Javanan Magazine they are so excited about the album Awakening by Ashavahishta and the response of the community in Los Angeles has been so overwhelming about Ashavahishta, that they are considering to have Ashavahishta on the cover of the magazine possibly on March 26, 2014 Issue! 

For the last 25 years X DOT 25 Music has been releasing music under four different musical concepts. Time Traveler Music contains the World Fusion and Trance Music. Third Millennium Music has Electronic, Ambient, Downtempo Projects. Delirious Rat Records has Metal, Rock, Pop projects all in English. XerXesium Records has Persian Rock, Pop, etc... Please visit every label and enjoy listening.

Ashavahishta's CD Release Party and X DOT 25 Music's 25 Years Anniversary happened on Saturday January 18, 2014 @ ClouD 9 Berkeley - San Francisco Bay Area. Farima performed Sacred Sufi Dance on Ashavahishta's Songs; Darvish, The Return, Sweet Agony, Pt. I and Ecstasy. Then Ustad Nejad (Ney) and Azadeh Gorgani (Piano) mezmerized the party with their music. Then Haunted by Waters took the stage and performed several songs from Like the Dust album. In closing Sukhawat Alli Khan and his band played several up beat Qawwali songs and party continued till 3:00 AM!

Farima at Ashavahishta's CD Release Party @ ClouD 9 - Berkeley, CA

Vaaleh releases the epic song "Khoone-ye Roo-ye Aab" available worldwide.

A single lounge version of Greene Sleeves from the album Velvet Rebel by Yussi is released on December 20, 2013.

Ahmadreza Nabizadeh in Concert on April 12, 2014. Southern California. With 24 peice orchestra directed by Roma Kanyan at Saban Theater, Beverly Hills.

Sadredin Taheri joins X DOT 25's distinguished line of Avant-garde artists. He just released: Zharfa (the Depth).

The new album Baku Nights by Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra releases on February 28, 2014.

The new album Wolves Are Crying! by Aldoush is released. Aldoush is currently touring in France and Europe, having some amazing performances. Look for him on Facebook. (Aldoush Alpanian). 

Payman Abdali's Angel of Thoughts II is in production. He is also collaborating on a new album with Vaaleh.

Claudia Villela is in concert in San Francisco performing at San Francisco Jazz Center, February 14th and 15th, 2014. Both nights SOLD OUT! X DOT 25 in planning to have a special evening with her in Berkeley. Stay tuned!

Yussi is working on a special project. The music in this project fits in the Electric Genre. Stay tuned for Yussi.

Vaaleh and Payman Abdali are working on a new project. This is going to be an amazing project with Vaaleh's Exceptional vocals and Payman's masterful arrangements and one of a kind melodies. Due t release in Spring 2014.

Here is a sneak preview of the sound of Ashavahishta

Your Music

X DOT 25 Music has always supported the up and coming musical talents. If you are a musician or a group, we like to hear your music. Please visit our Contact Page and send us a message. You can also mail us a copy of your work to be reviewed. We listen to everything that comes our way.

X DOT 25 Music History! 

If you are curious as to the history of X DOT 25 Music, you can visit our History Page to read about how X DOT 25 Music was conceived, the philosophies behind the record label, the influences of the music produced at X DOT 25. Lots of information on the history of projects, artists, and people of X DOT 25 Music.