X DOT 25 Proudly Presents:

World Premier

Axiom of Choice in Concert



Mamak Khadem - Vocals
Loga Ramin Torkian - Guitar
Pejman Hadadi - Percussion
Greg Ellis - Percussion
Cameron Stone - Cello
Babak Torkian
 - Art Director

Presenting the Music from their new debut album

"Beyond Denial"
X DOT 25 Music

1. Desert Storm 
exhilaration, agony, and conviction

2. Whisper 
based on melody of "Naghmeh"

3. Kailas 
an improvisation of quarter-tone guitar and Udo in the modal scale of "Mahoor"

4. Kaef 
a trio of quarter-tone guitar, tombak and Udu in the modal scale of "Chahar Gah"

5. Valeh 
Inspired by Rumi poetry, explores the felling of longing and devotion

6. Rhythm Riddle 
a composition based on various time signatures

7. Kam 
an improvisation for vocal on a melody composed by Cameron Stone

$20 advance - $25 at the door

for more information call (510) 601 8600

Saturday, June 24, 1995 - 8:00 PM
Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco - California

Palaceof FineArts