Parisa Vaaleh

Parisa Vaaleh releases the epic song "Khoone-ye Roo-ye Aab" available world wide. This song took 8 months to produce. Babak Katouzi wrote the music and several top instrumentalists were involved in the creation of this epic song.

Parisa Vaaleh

Parisa Vaaleh has an enchanting voice in the mold of traditional Persian singers which lures the listener to venture along with her into realms of mysticism. Her individual style of singing is a combination of Persian music and western contemporary classical.

Parisa Chehrehsa

She is a powerful vocalist who captures a new dimension in spirituality through fusing the music of the East and the West. Now residing in the Bay Area, Parisa works with Iranian composers, notably the poet and multi-instrumentalist Kamran Thunder, Babak Katozi and others, to create beautiful, deeply emotional music with a compelling ambiance that crosses the boundaries of culture, live and on CDs like her recent "Ascent".

On her albums "Ascent" and "Fasl-e Entezar" Parisa’s soaring, sensuous vocals are complemented by an array of contemporary and traditional Middle Eastern instruments.

Parisa & Fariborz Lavhini

Currently she is working with several distinguished progressive composers working on an entrancing, masterfully structured lyrical album. Her background in Persian Sufism has added an intriguing, spiritual aspect to this project. They are producing a truly beautiful musical work that is on the vanguard of contemporary world music.


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Dar Mian-e Ab-o Atash

Music by: Paiman (Payman) Abdali 
Lyrics: Hafez  

Future Release

Parisa Vaaleh has an enchanting voice in the mold of traditional Persian Singers, which lures the listener to venture along with her into realms of mysticism.Fariborz Lachini's individual style of composition is a combination of Persian and Western contemporary classical musical roots. Paiman  (Payman) Abdali's melody is entrancing.

A masterfully structured lyrical album. Vaaleh's background in spirituality has added an intriguing, spiritual aspect to this project. They have produced a truly beautiful musical work that is on the vanguard of contemporary world music.

Style/Genre: World/Persian
Instrumentation: Persian Vocals, Orchestral Synthesizer Arrangements.

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