Nowruz Resideh

Nowruz Resideh - Single
X DOT 25

Music by: Kamil (Kamel) Alipour

Vocals by: Mahasti, Gloria Rohani, Shahla Sarshar, Shayesteh Zelli

Word by: Homa Mirafshar

9:55 Minutes

© 1995 X DOT 25 



Nowruz Pirooz

This epic song was written and produced by Kamel Alipour with the vocals of several prominent Persian Artists and well known Persian Vocalists: Mahasti, Gloria Rohani, Shahla Sarshar, Shayesteh Zelli. The lyrics, written by Homa Mirafshar, are about the tradition of the Persian New Year Ritual (Nowruz) with Spring inspirations. Persian New Year, which celebrated all over the world happens on March 21 (first day of Spring).

Style/Genre: World Contemporary
Instrumentation: Vocals, Tar, Persian Setar, Kamuncheh, Daf, Tombak, Percussion.

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Nourooz, Nouruz, Norouz, Norooz, Narooz, Nawru, Nauruz, Nawroz, Noruz, Nohrooz, Novruz, Nauroz, Navroz, Naw-Rúz, Nowroj, Navroj, Nevruz, Newroz, Navruz, Navrez, Nooruz, Nauryz, Nevruz, Nowrouz, Наврӯз, ნავრუზი (Georgian), नवरेह (Kashmiri), નવરોઝ (Parsi Gujarati), नौरोज़ (Hindi-Urdu), Nowrūz نوروز

Nowruz Pirooz