Ahmadreza Nabizadeh

Some Day
By Ahmadreza Nabizadeh
Someday - Ahmadreza Nabizadeh

Ahmadreza Nabizadeh

Ahmadreza Nabizadeh is a Persian singer/guitar player who has lived in the U.S. since 1982, and is now based in Los Angeles. His debut CD, "Someday", is a finely crafted album of Persian pop music that showcases the artistry of Nabizadeh with beautiful melodies and lyrics that will capture your heart with the warmth and lively spirit in his sensuous voice.

Ahmadreza                        Nabizadeh

Ahmadreza has a wonderfully rich and full baritone voice that is beautifully supported by the arrangements and keyboard playing of Steve McCrumm. With this recording he gives us a glimpse into the golden age of Persian pop music.

Ahmadreza Nabizadeh In Concert

Berkeley - Darvak Theater


Album Details:

Someday ..... (Yek Roozi ...)

Style/Genre: World Persian Pop
Instrumentation: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion.

In this album, you will find beautiful melodies and words, expressing the artist's emotions and feelings expressed in Persian. This music is a richly romantic and emotionally charged journey into the Golden Era of Persian Pop Music. This album in addition to six newly recorded songs we have included two popular songs from his previous album and two other classic pop songs performed by Ahmadreza.

We invite you to watch the following songs from this album:


1. Amoon Az Del-e Mo (7:41)
2. Seedlings - Doo Dooneh (6:10)
3. A Road in the Dark - Shabo Jadeh (4:48)
4. Bridge - Pool (6:26) A Tribute to GooGoosh
5. My Beloved - Azizam (4:53)
6. Some Day ... - Yeh Roozy .. (4:43)
7. As One Together (5:28)
8. Verandah - Mahtabee (4:05)
9. Adobe House (6:28)
10. Gypsy - Koolee(4:09)

Total Time: 54:55

Item # CD 3001-2, CA 3001-2


Composed by: Siavash Ghomayshi 
Arranged by: Ahmadreza & Steve McCrumm 
Produced by: Ahmadreza 
Words by: Hooman (Except "A Road in the Dark") 


"A Road in the Dark"

Words by: Ahmadreza
Keyboards: Steve McCrumm 
Percussion: Bardia Nadimi 
Guitars: Ahmadreza & Farshad Afsharzadegan

Photo; Morteza Farzaneh 
Farsi Writing: Masoud Valipour



Adobe House (Heezom-e Nimeh Nimeh) 
Harmonica: Ahmadreza 
Music: Parviz Maghsadi 
Lyrics: Masood Hooshmand 
Arrangements: Ahmadreza & Steve MacCrumm 

Seedlings (Dodooneh) 
Guitars: Ramon 
Music: Parviz Maghsadi 
Lyrics: Masood Hooshmand 
Arrangements: Heros Minasian

Amoon Az Dele Mo 
Music: Ahmadreza 
Lyrics: Baba Taher 
Arrangements: Ahmadreza & Steve MacCrumm 

Bridge (Pool) 
Guitars: Ramon 
Music: Varoozhaan 
Lyrics: Iraj Janati Ataee 
Arrangements: Heros Minasian

I dedicate this album to my all time friend and supporter "Irene" I also would like to thank all my friends who helped me in making this album a reality.