Portraits in Sound  

X DOT 25 Collection of World Music

Portraits in Sound, Vol. 1: A Collection of World Music
By Mythos, Karumanta Jamuyku, Aldoush & The Human Exchange, Axiom of Choice, Haunted by Waters, Yussi & Django, Yaqub Zoroofchi & Baku State Symph. Orch, Sheila Bazleh & Alexei Reznick, Parinaz & Kamil Alipour, Alan Kushan

Style/Genre: World /Fusion/Ambient

Instrumentation: Various World and Western Instruments.

This is a collection of selections from our roster of World Music artists. Featuring songs from Haunted By Waters, Mythos, Axiom of Choice, Aldoush & the Human Exchange, Yussi & Django, Zoroofchi, Parinaz, and the rest of the best in World Music. This CD will give you a taste from the menu of magical World Music here at X DOT 25. Seventy-three minutes of music that takes you on a journey to distant realms and other eras. Enjoy this collection of the best in world music!

"When hanging a portrait, it is very important what frame you choose. X Dot 25 Music invites us to consider melody 'portraits' from the Middle East, Ireland, India, Azerbaijan, Africa, South America, etc. in contemporary western 'frames.' The lyric and background meld together succinctly thanks to the fact that these talented and developed artists are based in San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, France, Persia and so on. They are knowledgeable both in the ethnic sounds they are bringing out and the culture they are bringing it into. This collection also works as a label sampler to the X Dot 25 Music progressive world music label.  Each track is off of a full-length X Dot 25's release. Full information on the artists and source albums is provided in the full-color booklet. Among the salient cuts here are the amazing gypsy/flamenco guitar duets of Yussi & Django, masterful tabla percussion from Emam & Friends and the operatic tenor of Yaqub Zoroofchi. ~ Thomas Schulte, All Music Guide"



There are many talented world music artists on the X DOT 25 label- so many, in fact, that we felt compelled to pick the best of the best and feature them in a sampler. We thought long and hard about an appropriate title, and after much deliberation we decided on "X DOT 25 World Sampler Volume 1". A stroke of genius, you say? Perhaps. Maybe just a stroke. Regardless, with so much fantastic music to choose from, we had to release a record that would give a broad cross-section of the listening public a taste of what we're about here at X DOT 25.

So we sat down and listened closely to the myriad of talent in our library, and selected the thirteen songs that we feel represent the creative zeitgeist that moves us at this company. Audio portraits of artists like the intensely creative Haunted By Waters, the exotic lyricism of Aldoush & the Human Exchange, and the romantic, moving Yagub Zoroofchi; the playful virtuosity of Yussi & Django, the gut-grabbing textural and rhythmic sense of Mythos, or the jubilant aural celebrations of Karumanta Jamuyku. Add the sheer energy of santur player Alan Kushan, the sensuous power of Axiom of Choice, and the traditional beauty of Parinaz, Kamil Alipour and Sheila Bazleh and you have seventy-three minutes of music that takes you on a journey to distant realms and other eras. Enjoy this collection of the best in world music! Here are the songs on this collection:

1. Valeh - Axiom of Choice 4:06  
2. Juan de las Montanas - Karumanta Jamuyku 4:48 
3. Winds of Love - Haunted By Waters 5:53 
4. November - Mythos 5:00 
5. Snake of Azhidahak - Yussi & Django 5:07 
6. Amoon Az Dast-e Eshgh - Aldoush & The Human Exchange 8:18 
7. Oh Mata - Emam & Friends 4:12 
8. San Siz - Yaqub Zoroofchi & Baku State Symphony Orchestra 4:13 
9. Parvardegan - Alan Kushan 7:21 
10. Ava-ye Shiftegan - Parinaz & Kamil Alipour 7:29 
11. Dance of Ecstasy - Aldoush & The Human Exchange 6:00 
12. Like the Dust - Haunted By Waters 6:17 
13. Dokhtar-e Bueir Ahmadi - Sheila Bazleh & Alexei Reznick 4:21 

Total Time: 73:50

Item # CD 5004-2