Nevag (Persian Art Music) 

A Compilation of World Music by Contemporary Persian Artists


NEVAG is the result of X DOT 25 searching for the best world music artists and supporting up and coming talents. After listening to many hours of music from many different musicians, we chose these 13 songs to present on this collection.

This album is the first in a series of forthcoming projects which will be published under the title of Nevâg. Nevâg means "song" in the Pahlavi language, a language of pre-Islamic Persia. The Nevâg Music Compilation is designed to introduce talented amateur musicians to the public and give them the necessary exposure to open doors in the music industry and to encourage their continued creativity. Dozens of songs were submitted to X DOT 25 in 1995, and the thirteen presented in this collection were chosen on their artistic merit by our A&R staff as the most outstanding that would work as a whole to produce a cohesive album.

We thank you for buying the music of X DOT 25. As the final link in the chain, you, the listener, have a very important role. If you know a talented amateur musician, have them send us a demo tape of their best song- who knows what will happen!

Style/Genre: Persian World
Instrumentation: Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Sax, Flute, Midi Guitar, Bass, Piano, Violin, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass Programing, Kamancheh, Ney, Se-tar, Saz, Daf, Midi Winds.


1. Dar Miyan-e Ab-o Atash (Fire & Water): Parisa Vaaleh [Slow: 3/4] 3:30
2. Gol-e Nastaran (Wild Rose): Nikaan [Slow: 4/4] 4:42
3. Omr (Life): Alvand & Ayela [Slow: 4/4] 5:25
4. Flying Heart: Reza Kad [Fast: 4/4] 6:24
5. Wals-e Paeezi (Autumn Waltz): Faranak Shahroozi [Waltz: 3/4] 1:55
6. Ashk-e Soorkh (Red Tears): Afshin Jafari [Slow: 4/4] 5:25
7. Khosh Behale Aftab (The Sun): Farhad Bahrami [Slow: 6/8] 5:31
8. Sana Gurban (I adore you) [Azerbaiijani Folk Song]: Saba Ensemble [Fast: 6/8] 5:06
9. La La-i (Lullaby): Fariborz Hajinabi [Slow: 4/4] 2:06
10. Kheyabooni Az Arezooha (Streets of Hopes): Shahram Nabizadeh [Slow: 4/4] 4:54
11. Sabok Baran-e Sahelha (Ocean Song): Mahvash Azhir [Slow: 4/4] 6:50
12. Harmonics of Life: Reza Ilkhani [Slow: 4/4] 4:59
13. Abejo Khoraan (Toppers): Vazhe [Fast: 6/8] 5:13

Total Time: 62:44

Item # CD 5001-2


Conceived, Planned, Managed, and Executed by X DOT 25 Music

Mastering: Daniel Wyman, Aldoush Alpanian 
Art direction & Cover design: Koorosh Angali 
Computer Support: Jayce Farahmand 
Technical recording support: Aldoush Alpanian & Koorosh Angali


1. Dar Miyan-e Ab-o Atash (Fire & Water): Parisa Vaaleh 

Parisa Vaaleh: Vocals 
Paiman Abdali: Music 
Hafez: Words


2. Gol-e Nastaran (Wild Rose): Nikaan 

Farzin Forooghi: Vocals, Words, Music, Guitars, Arrangements 
Khosro Ninijani: Music, Guitars, Arrangements 
Robert Berry: Bass, Keyboards, Instrumentation

3. Omr (Life): Alvand & Ayela 

Alvand: Music, Arrangements, Keyboards, Programing 
Ayela: Vocals 
Omar Khayam: Words

Reza Kad Band

4. Flying Heart: Reza Kad 
Reza Kad: Vocals, Music, Producer 
Hafez: Words 
Head Room Recording: Arrangements, Co-producer 
Ebru Kazanci, Marika Lindè, Carita Emilsson, Ali Kad: Backing Vocals 
Håkan Werling: Sax 
Jonas"Oge" Ogelid: Guitars & Mix

Faranak Shahrooozi

5. Wals-e Pa-eezi (Autumn Waltz): Faranak Shahroozi 
Faranak Shahroozi: Music, Piano

Afshin Jafari

6. Ashk-e Soorkh (Red Tear): Afshin Jafari 
Afshin Jafari: Vocals, Music, Arrangements, Guitars

Farhad Bahrami

7. Khosh Behale Aftab (The Sun): Farhad Bahrami 
Fereidoon Moshiri: Words 
Farhad Bahrami: Music, Vocals, Guitars 
Peyman Elahi: Bass 
Hamid Radvar: Daf, Keyboards, Vocals 
Richard Steiger: Drums, Daf 
Larry De Lacruz: Midi Winds, Keyboards


8. Sänä Gurban (I adore you) Azerbaiijani Folk Song: Saba Ensemble 
Shahyar Daneshgar: Words, Arrangements, Percussion 
Amy Cyr: Flute, Ney 
Jon Liechty: Piano
Megan Weeder: Violin, Kamancheh 
Sabá Ensemble: PO Box 5541, Bloomington, IN 47407


Fariborz Hajinabi

9. La La-i (Lullaby): Fariborz Hajinabi 
Fariborz Hajinabi: Music, Guitars


10. Kheyabooni Az Arezoha (Streets of Hopes): Shahram Nabizadeh 
Shahram Nabizadeh: Vocals, Music, Arrangements, Guitars, Programming

Mahvash Azhir

11. Sabok Baran-e Sahelha (Ocean Song): Mahvash Azhir 
Mahvash Azhir: Vocals 
Fereidoon Moshiri: Words 
Farhad Bahrami: Music
Peyman Elahi: Bass 
Richard Steiger: Drums
Larry De Lacruz: Midi Winds, Keyboards

Reza Ilkhani

12. Harmonics of Life: Reza Ilkhani 
Reza Ilkhani: Music, Guitar


13. Abejo Khoraan (Toppers): Vâzhé 
Arash Kabir: Music, Vocals, Keyboards, Words 
Jayce Farahmand: Percussion, Backing Vocals 
Amir Shahrestani: Bass Programing, Keyboards, Backing Vocals