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Like the Dust
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Like the Dust - Haunted By Waters

Samsara's Edge
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Like the Dust - Samsara's Edge

Gerry Bassermann
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Haunted By Waters

"...when the occasional gem comes along, it's reason to rejoice...the instrumental sound is impressive...intelligent, humane, artistic songwriting is the key to Haunted By Waters." - BAM Magazine

"...multi-textured, pop/world beat. A kinder, mellower Height for the `90s: incubation over revolution, musical instruction over wigged-out improvisation..." -  Option Magazine

Haunted By Waters is a group of bay area musicians and artists who have created an exciting and powerful blend of music which is truly -cross cultural. Fusing together sensual Middle Eastern melodies, Celtic vocals, driving rhythms, & soaring synth sounds, "Like the Dust" is a unique album which celebrates spirit, unity and diversity.

The music of Haunted By Waters is built on a primal and infectious rhythmic background of Middle Eastern, African, and Celtic rhythms and percussion. Weaving in lush vocals, rich melodies and harmonies, and sensuous electronic textures, they create a progressive, entrancing world sound. Add fretless electric bass, textural and distorted electric guitars, acoustic guitar, synth and sampled sounds, as well as didgeridoo, tin whistle, conch shell, electric violin, and flute and you have a powerful, evocative sound. At once ancient and futuristic, Haunted By Waters seamlessly combine a galaxy of diverse influences and instrumentation into a cohesive and moving soundscape.


Each individual member of Haunted By Waters is a musician of international caliber on the cutting edge of world music and multimedia technology:

David Hannibal

Co-founder and guitarist David Hannibal has been working with synthesizer and sampling technology for many years for companies such as E-mu Systems, Oberheim, and Q-up Arts. His sampling work can be heard on recordings by XTC and Fishbone; in prime time television series ; and in major motion pictures (Batman, Bram Stokers Dracula). He also composed the soundtrack for a feature film by Roy Finch called "Follow Me Home".

Cait McWhir

Born and raised in Ireland and steeped in the tradition of Celtic folk music and theater, co-founder and vocalist Cait McWhir is a wonderful Irish singer with a stunningly rich and yearning voice, who also adds her talents on percussion and tin whistle to the ensemble. "As a singer I am interested in exploring the depth and breadth of human experience through the medium of the voice. My musical journey began in Ireland where I grew up. Ireland is full of music. Everywhere you go you hear it. Even the lakes, the valleys, the trees and the wind sing loudly in Ireland. There is often a mournful and haunting quality to these sounds which you can hear in Irish music, along with the more lilting and joyful music which you can hear in jigs and reels of people playing music...in kitchens, in pubs, everywhere!" Cait McWhir

Gerry Basserman

Synthesist/guitarist/singer Gerry Basserman is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music worked in San Francisco producing sound tracks for video and multimedia companies in addition to designing products and sounds for many electronic music companies. He worked for EMU systems for 7 years and Opcode Syatems for 6 years. He was a writer for Electronic Musician and he is presently at Propellerhead Software, a creative music and video software company. 


Percussionist extraordinaire Tina "Bean" Blaine is a founder of the popular multimedia ensemble D'CuCKOO. She has studied with master Senegalese and Congolese drummers, and recorded with Brian Eno and Mickey Hart. With a solid background in keyboards, percussion, and electronic marimba, Bean has composed music for television soundtracks ("The Making of The Abyss" and "Peanuts") and video games (Sega/Genesis). She has also appeared in international TV features.



Haunted by Waters is:

Cait McWhir — lead vocals, tin whistle, percussion
David Hannibal — electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, didgeridoo, programming
Gerry Bassermann — keyboards, 6 & 12 string guitars, vocals
Tina "Bean" Blaine — drums, percussion, vocals
Greg Stone — Bass
Rhan Wilson — drums, percussion
Cat Taylor — electric violin
Stephen Schultz — baroque flute and processed baroque flute

Samsara's Edge

Cait McWhir and David Hannibal of Haunted by Waters


"Samsara's Edge -- new release by main duo from the Haunted By Waters group. Great vocals with urban world/tribal Samsara's Edge backing. Picture Loop Guru, Lost at Last or Stellamara with a lot of edge, including guitar textures reminiscent of U2's guitarist Edge..." --Loyd's Picks, Backroads Music

"...when the occasional gem comes along, it's reason to rejoice...the instrumental sound is impressive...intelligent, humane, artistic songwriting is the key to Haunted By Waters." - BAM Magazine

In the late 90's Haunted by Waters members moved on to other projects. Cait and David worked on a new project called Samsara's Edge. As a follow up to Like the Dust. No more concerts or albums from this legendary band!

...David Hannibal and Cait McWhir, co-founding members of the now defunct Bay Area band Haunted by Waters, announce the release of their CD and new project - SAMSARA'S EDGE. 2 years in the making, Samsara's Edge was composed and produced by David and Cait in their East Bay Studio with the aid of David's studio wizardry. The 8 songs featured on the CD are an intriguing and beautiful blend of multi-textured electronic and hypnotic grooves & melodies with vocalist Cait McWhir's trademark blend of sensuous Mid-Eastern and Celtic influenced vocals adding a definite other-worldly feel to the mixes. There's still a world music flavor to many of the songs, but overall it falls into the more ambient or even trip-hop categories. The consensus is that it's a beautiful journey into some of the places where Haunted by Waters left off!....."

Cait McWhir - Vocals, Whistle flute, Synths
David Hannibal - Electric Guitars, Synthesizers
Juan Domingo - Poetry, Voice of two songs


Album Details:

Like The Dust

Style/Genre: World / Ambient / Celtic
Instrumentation: Soaring Female Lead Vocals, Electric/Acoustic/Classical Guitars, Didgeridu, Keyboards, Programming, Bass, Electric Violin, Tin Whistle, Bodhran, Djembe, Fish'head, Finger Cymbals, Conch Shell, Alto Sax, Vir'cello, Drums, Congas, Dumbec, Udu, Baroque Flute & Processed Baroque Flute, Tabla, Bongos, Rainstick.


1. Winds of Love 5.55
2. Hideaway 6.02 
3 . Like the Dust 6.20 
4. Shasta (the Wanderer) 7.09 
5. The Coming of Lugh 6.34
6. Drowning in the Waters 7.06 
7. M'bayata 4.19 
8. Jalne Jalne 7.02 
9. Impassioné 6:00 
10. Pray 6.57 
11. Camille 4.25 
bonus track 
12. Flame 5:30 

Item # CD 1003-2

All songs written produced & arranged by Haunted by Waters.

All songs published by Minerva Music/Haunted by Waters 1995.

David Hannibal - Electric & Classical Guitar, Didgeridoo, Keyboards, Programming 
Cait McWhir - Lead Vocals, Tin Whistle, Bodhran, Djembe, Fish'head, Finger Cymbals 
Gerry Bassermann - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Programming, Conch Shell, Alto Sax, Vir'cello, Drums 
Tina Blaine aka.'Bean' - Drums, Backing Vocals, Djembe, Congas, Dumbec, Udu Drums

& special guests 

Greg Stone - Bass
Stephen Schultz - Baroque Flute & Processed Baroque Flute (Camille, Hideaway) 
Rhan Wilson - Drums, Tabla, Bongos - (Camille, Drowning) 
Cat Taylor - Electric Violin (Dust) 
Diana Maxwell - Rainstick (Impasssione)

The Coming of Lugh, Impassioné, M'Bayata, Shasta, Drowning, Pray - Hannibal/Bassermann/McWhir/Blaine 
Hideaway, Like the Dust, Flame, Jalne Jalne, Camille - Hannibal/McWhir 
Winds of Love - Trad: Arranged by Haunted By Waters

Recording and Engineering - Gerry Bassermann & David Hannibal 
Produced by - Haunted By Waters 
Mixing Engineer - Stephen Hart 
Production Assistance - Aldoush Alpanian 
Executive Producers - X DOT 25 Music
Production/Mixing - Mesa Recording, Sebastopol, California. 
Mastered by - Michael Romanowski at Rocket Lab, San Francisco

a gazillion thanks to - 
Diana Maxwell for great managing, Stephen Hart (the wise & wonderful), X DOT 25. 
To all of you who contributed time & hard work to our songs: Stephen Schultz, Rhan Wilson, Cat Taylor, Jeff Obee, Jeffree Andrews. Aldoush Alpanian, Kenny at Mesa Studios, Dave at CRI, John Dalton, Candice Pacheco, Steve Boeddeker, Mike Freitas, Mackie Designs, Opcode Systems, Tascam, E-Mu Systems, Roy Finch at Sonos, Michael Marans, Terry Holgate, Magenta Crowe, Frank Giorgini, Matt Isaacson, Jeff Barbour, David's family, Vicki (& Biscuit). And of course we thank the invisible ones. The Great Spirit, the Muses & Ancestors who contributed magic from the other side. To M - you are the continuing inspiration in Cait & David's lives.

Band Photos - Susan Scott 
Cover Design / Artwork - Cait McWhir

Contact Haunted by Waters - or write to PO Box 5763, Berkeley, California 94705, USA.



Pray (inspired by Nelson Mandela)

Now we can begin 
the time has come at last 
let go of all the hate 
surrender of the past

pray for the other 
wait for the change 
if love never leaves you 
hope stays the same

time to come together 
we can make the change
if faith never leaves you
the world's not the same 
pray for the other 
help make the change
if life never leaves you 
hope will remain

someone that you
know someone you can't see 
someone you will know
time to set them free 
someone speaks his mind 
someone looks for truth 
someone to believe 
so much faith in you



You didn't know that you were the one 
the deal you struck with fate
signed sealed delivered in your hands
trying hard to forget the one whose sympathy you wrought 
betrayed by the visions in your mind 
and all the work you did demanded compromise from men 
a woman's genius left out in the cold 
and no-one really cared about the soul who lived inside 
and freedom stolen from the wings of love

all the worlds afraid of you 
so terrified of questioning
unable to protect the fragile beast
incarcerated for your power and driven mad by love
struck wounded fear like statues in your heart 

all you ever needed was the recognition you deserved 
and not to be betrayed by one who saw 
the jealousy 
his jaded soul 
that brought you to your knees 
the passion in your hands that needed clay
your hands..... 
your hands.... 
your eyes......

The Coming of Lugh (Gaelic: Tadhbhas de Lugh)

This song is based on a story in Irish mythology about the great Celtic warrior Lugh Lauve Fauda. He was known as the Ildana, the master of all crafts, and was said to have appeared on a white horse holding the lost Sword of Light. His mission was to deliver Ireland and the tribe of the De Danaans from the evil of the Fomor and Balor the one-eyed, which he accomplished aided only by a small band of warriors from the mythical land of Tir-Na-Nog.


Winds of Love

The Winds of Love are blowing at us 
they're standing at the crossroads of the valley 
oh you winds of love help me
will you take me to my homeland 
if i wasn't so afraid to go there
i'm so afraid that i would grow old 
in this land of exile 
take me to the land of my beloved



Used to be easy to hide my feelings away from you
to bury my feelings away inside
and do you know why I want to try
to make it easier to understand
that something's different now
its gonna be different now

got to be real about it
throw caution to the wind this time
do you know how hard i've been trying to turn my back 
and walkaway
i never wanted to lie to you 
and if i separate myself from you
will you understand why i can't turn my back 
and hideaway from love

its natural for me to want to be with you
to be your friend 
all the reasons besides
just a man or a woman 
and i can see myself in you
a part of me that's holding on 
do you wanna let go
let go of the past....


Like the Dust

There's a train goin' nowhere 
it's a bumpy road ahead
if you want to get out of the desert
forests are burning into the night
green fields are going brown, everywhere
earth is scorched by the sun 
and we're killing the sacred land we live on
if you want to see
want to feel 
want to try and make any change 
before its too late
you've gotta' let
gotta' let go of the past 
we've gotta change the way we think about our lives
we don't have a choice anymore
we don't have a choice anymore.....

drowning ourselves in a sea of confusion
overloaded senses
too many illusions 
everyday living's a poison
that can settle on you like a dust....


Shasta the Wanderer

Don't know how to tell you
now you're gone 
don't know how to say 
what's right or wrong 
could have been different 
who's to say
why we go so far away?

something to believe in 
all our dreams 
nothing ever is the way it seems
tried to make you change your mind
easier for you to leave behind

if there is a reason
let it go
if there is an answer
let it show
could have been different 
who's to say 
why we go so far away.....

Drowning in the Waters

You wait
          I wait... 
                  waiting for the love
to reveal itself again
last night i called your name
softly to the wind for her to carry 
this seems so easy to believe 
or is it only for our souls to dream?

unfolding moments of your destiny
another knowing of your soul 
a recognition of your heart's desire
the love within is never cold.....

drown me in the waters
drown me in the waters of your soul.......

unspeakable like destiny
surrender to uncertainty
to let it go
let it unfold is heaven's way
the path that leads me to this place
is tangled up in love's desire
to satisfy some of the hunger in my soul
to laugh to love to breathe again
to fall in love with life again
to let it go
let it unfold
is heaven's way


Jalne Jalne

inspired by the Macedonian folksong "Se Vradse Vradse Jalno Sonce"

There's something calling out to you
that seeks to pierce the ignorance 
deliverance to understand
the Knowledge that you bring
infinite a wisdom forced to seek 
rebirth all is life and death
i see it circle round
around, around, around