Claudia Villela

Supreme Brazilian Jazz Vocalist

Asa Verde
By Claudia Villela

By Claudia Villela, Kenny Werner
Dreamtales - Clauia Villela

Inverse Universe
By Claudia Villela, Ricardo Peixoto
Inverse Universe - Clauia Villela

By Paul James de Benedictis
Quintets - ClauiaVillela

Supernova: Brazilian Jazz
By Claudia Villela, Toninho Horta, Michael Brecker, Danny Gottlieb, Steve Davis
SuperNova - ClauiaVillela

Claudia Villela

The synergy of Villela's haunting voice and five-octave range has been transporting spellbound audiences in all her evocative performances since 1995. Their astonishing improvisation-laced concerts, whether in a duo context or in larger ensembles, have won her a huge, dedicated following as she transcend traditional musical boundaries. Inspired by the vast musical soul of Brazil, her compositions freely intermingle indigenous African and European references with the sensibility of jazz in an expressive approach that's at once nostalgic and modern. She is a Songwriter, Arranger, Producer and she plays the Piano and Percussion.

She has performed at Monterey Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, Jazz at Filoli, Yoshi's Nitespot, Kimball's, and festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout America. She has also performed at X DOT 25 World Music Festival in Kensington.